Thursday, 21 June 2012

Why should we care about birds? How do we know this?

Why should we care about birds?

People should care about birds because if we don’t then we will corrupt the food chain, bugs will mass in population and then farmer’s crops will be eaten and then we will have nothing to eat. Also birds of prey will drop in population because they will have no other birds to eat.

Because they can help the farmers!
They help the environment.
Many people like their song

Why should people care about birds because they can be nostalgic and are important creatures in the environment, for example some trees couldn’t be planted if a bird hadn’t eaten the fruit. They also reduce the insects and help farmers produce more crops because the insects that eat the crops are getting eaten by the birds.


They are good indicators of a healthy ecosystem because if the birds in the food chain are dying then there is something wrong with the rest of the chain; .

Rarer birds encourage tourists to Britain so that they can listen to their songs.

They should also be cared about because they relax us by singing their songs because we have evolved next to them.

They fertilise trees by eating seeds then pooping them out.

They pollinate plants.

Chickens, which are birds, produce eggs that feed people.

They can let you know where bad weather is by flying in the opposite direction to it.

People should people care about birds because they help farmers to keep the insects away like grass hoppers, because they eat them so whilst they are eating them so they are helping us too because they are getting the insects of the crops/plants so that’s helping us not get diseases. Also they help us grown trees because they eat fruit and drop the seeds in the floor so then they grow trees and if we didn’t have trees we couldn’t be to breath.  They help tribes in difference  countries because they keep the number of the posing insets down so that they hardly harm humans. We need the birds because they help lay seeds by eating the fruit and pooing out the seeds .

We think birds are interesting because there are more birds than we thought and we think the way they hunt for food is interesting because kestrel was cool when it was.Hovering and it could see infrared and they see the trail of the urine from all the animals

How do you know this?
We know this because we have looked on different websites and found out all about how they have dropped in population and are nearly extinct. Also we have read loads of documents and graphs about what birds on amber, red and green.

We know this because we have looked at some articles that were produced by BTO and RSPB.

We found out through research and studying food chains that birds destroy pest species that could ruin farmer’s crops
We found this out from looking at and researching food chains and listening to a sad story about DDT
We know this because of research over the 4 days of this project.

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