Tuesday, 19 June 2012

So, what have you found interesting so far?

  • That birds communicate through singing.
  • To identify different type of birds 
  • The most interesting thing for me is that I have discovered that there is so many birds out there when I didn't even know about them.
  • The most interesting things I have seen today were two swans on the water and a skylark above me. I also found this group of birds flying above me interesting as they sang a nice tune.
  • I found the most interesting thing is the mute swan landing.
  • To listen to birds and music they have singing it’s very peaceful and exploring the whole world like [woodlands] with birds singing.  
  •  listening to the bird song interesting because it's something I haven't heard before
  •  The most interesting thing I found today was the yellow hammer and the recording of it too!
  • There are more birds than I thought there were.
Nice work everyone, we are using specific names and are beginning to see what we have on our doorsteps. It's good that some of you are beginning to connect  skills, the wildlife and the use of technology.

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