Saturday, 16 June 2012

Student views- What has went went well? What are our next steps day one.

What have we done better this afternoon?
We got a bit more work done and did it better.
Concentrated better. Than last time.
we have found more birds this afternoon.
Is that we learned all the different type of birds and we listened carefully
We were quieter than we were this morning.

What helped us make this improvement?
We focused more.
Team work because at the start we didn't have Callum.
This was because people weren't talking
Researching different species of birds

The feed back.

What must be better tomorrow?
Our behaviour must be better.
The work because we didn’t get much done 
We still did not see as many birds as we like.
I think tomorrow we need to start to look for the birds more carefully
We need to work better as a group.

What will help us achieve this?
Think long and hard tonight about what we are going to do.
we will be more concentrated
we could do better tomorrow by not talking while we are recording. 
Listening out for the birds more carefully
Help each-other

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